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Ioanna  Koliakoudaki

Ioanna Koliakoudaki, with DNA received from a champion father and a mother lover of classical sports, has just followed her natural talent. Since her early years she was involved in rhythmic gymnastics, track and field sports, basketball, modern ballet and, unsurprisingly, her studies continued in the field of physical education at GRafts Hellas…

Panos  Kontogiorgos

Panos Kontogiorgos having worked for many years in the insatiable domains of Journalism and Media, he crossed yoga purely by chance which evolved to a great love able to change his personal and professional status….

Dimitris  Gkioulos

Having gained a great experience at the hospitality sector & having worked in distinguished hotels and restaurants, a creative but really tentative field, Dimitris Gkioulos decides to find an alternative way out of this tension without rejecting his hitherto professional career…

Nektarios Mitritsakis

Nektarios Mitritsakis was born in 1971 in Chania, Crete where he lives up until now. In 1998, his studies in sitar and classical Indian music brought him to India and eventually to his first yoga class. Since then, yoga became an integral part of his life…

Maria Levantinou

Maria Levantinou was firstly trained in India at the system of Satyananda Yoga. Her desire for an honest interaction with the body, taking into account
the needs of each human being, led her to Italy and straight into the intuitive teaching of Diane Long, direct disciple of Vanda Scaravelli.