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What makes a destination, a hotel or a villa Yoga friendly in response to our Yoga In Crete standards?

Let us take it from the beginning, let us introduce you what the Yoga method really is.

Yoga is an ancient technique dating 2,500 years back, whose purpose is the road to self-knowledge and enlightenment.


It is based on the Eight-fold Path leading to Enlightenment.

1. Yamas are the ethical rules we need to abide to as members of a society.

  • Non-violence
  • Sincerity
  • Non-theft
  • Self-discipline
  • Non-greediness

2. Niyamas are the moral norms that can enhance our inner strength and self-awareness.

  • Purity
  • Satisfaction
  • Discipline
  • Study and Thought
  • Accept a higher strength-faith

3. Asanas is basically the practical training of Yoga

4. Pranayama refers to the Breathing techniques and practices and its therapeutic effects on the human organism physically, mentally and emotionally.

5. Pratyahara is all about learning to take control of the senses, to achieve introspection and self-awareness.

6. Dharana refers to the ability of concentrating into a single focus.

7. Dhyana is all about meditation.

8. Samadhi is the deep enlightenment.

In effect to the above Eight-fold Path we can say that a place is Yoga-friendly when:

There is a quiet place for practice and meditation (yoga mattresses & blankets are needed)

There is the possibility of vegetarian food as ahimsa (non-violence) suggests not eating meat.

There is a natural place in the vicinity, like a beach or mountain, for walks and tranquility.

There is a library or a quiet place to study.

There are relaxation spaces (rooms) with shower and toilet.

People engaged in Yoga are increasing.

Each person is unique and the road to follow is completely personal and similarly unique.

The above are some basic criteria that Yoga In Crete wishes to support, as a means of sharing the true and traditional values of Yoga.

Our Yoga friendly Partners:

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