Yoga in Crete

5 Days Detox Yoga Holiday Crete, Greece 2018

Place: Pal Beach Hotel, Paleochora, Chania, Crete, Greece
Group size: min.8 people
Arrival Date: 13 October 2018
Departure Date: 17 October 2018
5 Days Detox Yoga Holiday Crete, Greece 2018


This is a rejuvenation program aiming at your detox from the fatigue and stress that the everyday obligations may have created within your body and mind. This program is not so much about food diet and ingestion of juices or herbs.

During these 5 days we wish you to enjoy the restorative effects of everyday breathing and Yoga practice along with the therapeutic and revitalizing energy of Crete’s south coast.
We believe that anyone deserves a little time to him/herself, for just a little pampering. Τhis is the time for you to relax and get closer to your inner senses.
Yoga poses, breathing practices, swimming in the crystal clear waters, lying in the sandy warm beaches, sunbathe enjoying the positive effects of photosynthesis, staying in a location right under the White Mountains open to the Mediterranean Sea, letting you breath pure and refreshing oxygen!
All these can leave you feeling calmer and “cleaner” on the inside and amazingly energetic on the outside!


Greek & English


  • 4 Nights’ accommodation at Pal Beach Hotel in Paleochora
  • Daily morning and sunset Yoga practice on an elevated wooden deck with great view of the sunrise and sunset
  • Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
  • Yoga practice at the golden beach of “Pahia Ammos”
  • Vegetarian lunch inspired by Cretan – Mediterranean cuisine, made of local products
  • Farewell Winetasting experiences of local vineyards by certified sommelier
  • Enjoy Jazz nights with us
  • Swim, enjoy the sun, relax, breathe
  • Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

Skill level

  • All levels.

No previous experience is required.

The instructor pays attention to each and everyone’s special needs, thus a beginner can coincide with an intermediate or advanced.

What is included?

  • 24% taxes
  • 4 Nights’ accommodation at Pal Beach Hotel in Paleochora
  • Daily morning and sunset Yoga practice
  • Daily breathing exercises
  • Daily breakfast & vegetarian lunch
  • Yoga practice at the golden beach of “Pahia Ammos”
  • Winetasting experiences of local vineyards by certified sommelier
  • Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

What is not included?

  • Yoga mat
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfer to Paleochora
  • Airfare
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses


The day of your arrival is very special to us and to this program. Our mean is for you to indulge yourself, to focus on your relaxation and well-being, thus your day will start with a welcome circle and an introductory restorative evening Yoga class in order to prepare your body and mind for the practice of the following days. After that, a special winetasting event is organized for you, the way the Cretans like to welcome their visitors!

During the following days you will have the chance to practice daily breathing exercises and Yoga classes. This is a dedicated program with detox and therapeutic effects that will take place early in the morning (08:00) and at sunset, either at the hotel’s dedicated space on an elevated wooden deck with a great view towards the blue horizon and sunrise or sunset or of course at the beach.

Each day after your morning class, you can enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and later on there will be a buffet specially prepared for you inspired by the Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Throughout your stay, if you like, you can enjoy Jazz nights at the hotel’s bar “Monica’s Garden Wine Bar”, which is quite famous for its harmonious, easy-going ambience with beautiful surroundings and a garden that invite you to stay, relax, socialize and taste local tapas while having a drink or trying modern Greek wines, served by its friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Pal Beach Hotel at Paleochora, Chania – Crete.
A window to the endless blue! The perfect place for our “Rejuvenate Yourself Yoga Retreat”, as it is located in a unique position right in front of the exquisite beach of “Pahia Ammos” in Paleochora. The mesmerizing view to the sea literally takes your breath away and the sunset that dives into the Libyan sea will give you endless moments of relaxation. The hotel, built with traditional architecture challenges you to discover your new favorite destination.
Ideal for people who love to indulge themselves in a little pampering, Pal Beach guarantees memorable and comfortable accommodation and direct access to the Cretan paradise through daily excursions and hikes into the beautiful scenery. The unique view and the impeccable service of Pal Beach hotel will be one of the most memorable experiences from your summer vacations.


For this retreat you can chose to share between standard double rooms, suites or apartments.


Double Rooms – up to 2 participants

All rooms have a balcony with a nice side view to “Pahia Ammos” beach or a view at the hotel’s garden.

They are equipped with telephone, fridge and ceiling fan. They have either one double bed or twin beds. There is also a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Suites – up to 2 participants

They consist of one bedroom with one double or two single beds and a living room with sofa. The suites are equipped with a telephone, fridge, ceiling fan and satellite TV. The bathroom has a bathtub/shower and a toilet. Both rooms have access to a big balcony with beautiful frontal sea view.

Apartments – up to 3 participants

Those consist of 2 rooms either with a double bed or 2 single beds and a sofa that turns into a double bed. They have a small washbasin and space to make your own coffee, satellite TV and a big balcony.

Retreat program

Saturday 13/10
Welcome circle – restorative yoga to prepare our bodies for detoxificationWinetasting event of local vineyards


Sunday 14/10
Morning Yoga – Surya Namaskar inspirationSunset Yoga – Flow yoga class focused on the spinal twists


Monday 15/10
Morning Yoga – Surya Namaskar inspirationSunset Yoga – Yoga Flow class based on the torso twists


Tuesday 16/10
Morning Yoga – S.N.ISunset Yoga – Restorative detox sequence leading to deep backbendsFarewell Winetasting event of modern Cretan vineyards


Wednesday 17/10
Morning Yoga – Farewell Sun Salutations

YogaInCrete Rejuvenate Yourself Yoga Retreat

The daily demands in our lives can lead to overtiredness shifting us out of thrive mode, into survival mode. Ever feel like you walk around exhausted, going through the day-to-day motions? You’re not alone! Before you know it, your body and mind have gone into a “fight or flight” response. Your mental perception can become distorted, increasing stress, anxiety and lack of sleep — and your mind never really shuts off.
It’s vital to stop, breathe, relax, observe, and rejuvenate!
Yoga can assist you to slow down and rejuvenate. Restorative yoga poses focuses your attention to your breath. The breath slows down the nervous system, allowing you to manage stress and emotions with more patience and clarity. Yoga breath exercises helps to inhale and exhale in appropriate manner so as to regulate the metabolism in the body. Yoga synchronizes exercises with the rhythmic breathing in the body. Breathing puts life force into the body and cleanses it of toxic materials formed due to wrong diet, unhealthy lifestyle and accumulated stresses. It improves ‘agni’, creates body balance and longevity while rejuvenating the whole system.

Benefits of Yoga:

A light and supple body. A body that is alert and active. Strong bones and muscles. Reduction of fat. Increased physical strength. Improved appetite. Increased capability to cope with fatigue.


Having gained a great experience at the Hospitality sector and having worked in distinguished Hotels and Restaurants - a creative but really tentative field - Dimitris Gkioulos decides to find an alternative way out of this tension without rejecting his hitherto professional career. It all started by curiosity! He attends his first Yoga class in the city of Thessaloniki and gets really amazed by the intensity level of this kind of working out. At the same time, he attends classes and seminars by well-known instructors across Greece, gaining experience and knowledge. This make him understand that Yoga is not just an exercise but through an entire philosophy, it is a way of living. His constant desire for improvement, will lead him to find a more ``comprehensive training way``. He entered and successfully completed a 200hr Training at the educational Yin Yang Yoga school of Dimitris Karagiorgos at Lagonissi, Athens. A year later he entered and successfully completed one more 200hr Teacher Training at BFS Academy Greece with Ioanna Koliakoudaki and Panos Kontogiorgos in Athens. He started working in Yoga studios and gyms in Chania, having the desire to transmit his personal experiences to other people. His personal ``motto`` is that the inner development of each and every one of us, does not only result in improving our own Selves but also the whole of our society. Besides that yoga means pleasure! Now he encourages, more and more people to join, experience and benefit from the unique path of Yoga.


Paleochora is a small town located 77 km south of Chania, at the southwest coastline of Crete and it is built on a small peninsula of 400m width and 700m length. The town is set along 11 km of coastline bordering the Libyan Sea and it is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Kalamydi.
Paleochora’s wider area has crystal clear waters, well organized beaches, and beautiful isolated small anchorages. It is served by numerous restaurants, tavernas, cafés, bars, and nightclubs. Facilities in Paleochora include bank branches, a post office, a central telephone office, a health center, doctor’s offices, dentists, a police station, a coast guard and customs office, and many types of stores.


Ferry boats connecting Paleochora with Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion, and Gavdos dock in Paleochora, thus you can take a look into the ship timetables and organize mini daily trips to most of the these regions or maybe your next destination in Crete!

Paleochora has various local attractions that deserve to be discovered:

  • Venetian and Byzantine wall paintings in some of the local churches; those in Anidri and Voutas being particularly impressive.
  • A museum dedicated to the Acretans in the town itself.
  • The nearby village of Azogires, 5Km away, contains a museum dedicated to the area as well as the, now empty, Monastery of the 99 Holy Fathers
  • What is claimed to be the largest Evergreen Plane Tree on the Island.
  • If you enjoy walking or hiking then be aware that a number of sign-posted walking routes are opened in the area and the town is on the European E4 Long Distance Footpath that connects Paleochora with the White Mountains.
  • Fort of Selino: The fortresses built by the Venetians along the south shores of Crete were very few, perhaps because of the port-less and bay-less coastline. One of them, however, was the fort of Selino (in the site of modern Paleochora). This fortress was built around the neck of a protrusion of land into the sea, so as to support the domination of the Venetians in the area, which was inhabited by many rebels.

This retreat offers you breakfast and a vegetarian lunch, all inspired by Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. Both meals are prepared daily with care using local ingredients. You will have the chance to taste the famous Kalitsounia, Dakos and Stamnakathi salad with juicy olives and golden olive oil, Marathopita, Sfakiani pitta and much more. You can also try the local soothing tea, made of a herb called “diktamo” – the Cretans like to call it “erontas”, meaning “love”!
No other meals are included in this offer, thus the hotel’s front desk will be happy to assist you by proposing local restaurants and tavernas according to your preferences.
As the village of Paleochora is near the sea and very close to the mountains, you can expect to find tavernas offering fish and meat, as well as some of the famous Cretan recipes like snails, special pies, salads and spaghetti.
During our Welcome and Farewell winetasting events, 5 modern Cretan wines will be exhibited each time, accompanied by local tapas. Specifically you will be presented 2 white wines, 1 rosé & 2 red wines. All will be exhibited by a professional certified sommelier.

If you are travelling to Crete from abroad or another place in Greece, then you can reach Paleochora by combined transportations:

By plane

Millions of visitors come to Crete every year from all over the world. The three international airports on the island in Chania , Heraklion and Sitia are linked to hundreds of other international airports. The largest low cost companies have regular flights to Crete and the most important international airlines organize charter flights. Crete is therefore easily accessible to anyone who wishes to choose it as a destination for his/her holidays.


By Taxi or Airport Transfers

CreteCab Transfers has grown to become Crete’s favorite private airport transfer company. They offer great choice of services and destinations from VIP city transfers to low cost shuttle taxis operating all airports, ports and cities of Crete.

By bus

The company KTEL HERAKLION-LASITHI S.A. is the largest transport organization in Crete. Having 200 modern buses of all sizes, it conducts hundreds of routes daily, thus linking the major cities of the island with all the settlements, but also with the rest of Greece within a framework of combined transportations.

By water transfer

The three ports of Crete Chania, Heraklion and Rethymnon, have dozens of luxury ferry boats linking them with Greece’s largest port, Piraeus, on a daily basis. Other ship routes include the Cyclades from Heraklion; Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, Kithira and Milos from the ports of Sitia, Agios Nikolaos and Kissamos. On the south coast maritime routes link Paleochora with Gavdos, Chora Sfakion (Sfakia), Loutro, Agia Roumeli, and Sougia.

Know before you go:


The price per person including our country’s taxes (VAT 24%) is:

  • Pal Beach Hotel Standard single room –  €600 per person
  • Pal Beach Hotel Standard double room (shared – 2 people) – €550 per person
  • Pal Beach Hotel Suite (shared – 2 people) – €650 per person
  • Pal Beach Hotel Apartment (shared – 3 people) – €490 per person

We will require as a deposit 50% of the full amount and complete payment upon the arrival.

Please also be informed that no refund is available for this retreat.



For more information about the booking conditions, please send us an inquiry.