Yoga in Crete

5 Days Vinyasa Root Yoga Retreat in South Crete, Greece 2018



Place: “Oneirema” Retreat Camp, Prases, Chania, Crete, Greece
Group size: min.10 people
Arrival Date: 21 July 2018
Departure Date: 25 July 2018


This is a dream place…!


A place that you could be imagining as a kid, under the subtle candle-light, while your mind would be creating stories inspired by myths, history and fairytales!
Throughout your stay and in between your meals and classes, you can enjoy walking and discovering the area surrounding the Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp. You can walk to the river and into the chestnut forest, you can meditate, take a nap, read a book while glazing to the horizon, you can explore and take care of the biodegradable garden along with the local specialists.

In a world where everything is happening in a pace of a race, where disturbance, isolation and outdistance of one’s own self seems to be promoted, we created this 8 Days Restorative Yoga Therapy Retreat in a dream place like the Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp located in the woods, next to a river at the foothills of the White Mountains in the county of Chania, Crete.


We wish you to experience your holidays in a very unique way at a very unique and natural place. Our goal is for you to come closer to nature, to your inner senses, to your own self-awareness, to remember and realize that breath isn’t something we shall take for granted, but something to be grateful and conscious about! To strengthen and enhance your inner dynamism, strength and self-confidence, to bring harmony and balance among your body and mind, logic and sentiment! To let you dream like a dreamer and envision your life as fruitfully as possible.


  • Greek & English


  • 4 Nights’ accommodation in Tipis Indian tents and an old chestnut storehouse
  • Everyday morning and sunset Vinyasa Yoga practice
  • Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
  • Yoga, breathing and meditation under Gong Bath sounds with the trees all around you and the starry sky above you
  • Walking by the river and through the Chestnut forest
  • Swim at the famous Sougia beach
  • A surprise event organized especially for you
  • Vegetarian meals inspired by the Cretan cuisine
  • Professional In-house Chef
  • Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

Skill level

  • All levels.

No previous experience is required. The instructor pays attention to each and everyone’s special needs, thus a beginner can coincide with an intermediate or advanced.

What is included?

  • 24% taxes
  • 4 Nights’ accommodation in Tipis Indian tents and an old chestnut storehouse
  • Everyday morning and sunset Vinyasa Yoga practice
  • Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
  • Yoga practice under Gong Bath sounds
  • Excursion at the famous Sougia beach
  • A surprise event organized especially for you
  • Everyday vegetarian meals
  • Professional In-house Chef
  • Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

What is not included?

  • Yoga mat
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfer to and from Oneirama Natural Retreat Camp
  • Airfare
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Snacks, fruits, beverages of your liking



The day of your arrival is very special to us and to this program. Our mean is for you to slow down, explore your new surroundings, feel the vibe of nature, start breathing and start coming into your center. Thus your day with us will start with a welcome circle and an introductory restorative evening Yoga class in order to prepare your body and mind for the practice of the following days. After that, you will enjoy a meal specially prepared by our chef, taking a taste of how Cretans like to welcome their visitors. Your chef will be responsible for the preparation of all your Cretan vegetarian meals in the next following days.


During this Root Yoga Retreat you will have the chance to practice daily breathing exercises and Vinyasa Yoga classes. This is a dedicated program to strengthening your foundations and enhancing your self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-esteem! To experience the benefits of equally co-existing with nature, of practicing Yoga in a completely natural environment, to feel the difference among your right and left side and try to bring balance between them! To envision and successfully combine the movement of breath throughout the various asanas increasing your inner warmth and energy, while enjoying the therapeutic effects of Yoga physically and mentally.


One of your practices will be accompanied by the sounds of Gong Bath. This is an ancient musical instrument, originally created in China. It is circular with a metal pan made of bronze which is “hit” by the musician with a striker (mallet), generating vibrations and sounds. What makes its sounds specially unique with therapeutic effects, is the fact that the vibrations emit in a frequency of 1 to 1,18 Φ Golden Ration, whereas the human DNA works in a frequency of 1 to 1,619 Φ. As an effect during a Gong session the human DNA seems to be retuned, leading to experiences like relaxation, calmness, introspection, soul-searching, revitalization, euphoria, harmony, balance.


Throughout your stay and in between your meals and classes, you can enjoy walking and discovering the area surrounding the Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp. You can walk to the river and into the chestnut forest, you can meditate, take a nap, read a book while glazing to the horizon, you can explore and take care of the biodegradable garden along with the local specialists.


The Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp, was built in response to one main prerequisite. To create a center in a piece of land that combines water, wild life and fertile soil, generating an eco- community, that would serve as a center regarding education and creating experiences in response to nature, arts and healing. Oneirema is a self-sufficient camp with nothing artificial, letting you literally co-exist and feel the vibrations of nature.
The camp is located next to a river into a chestnut forest at the foothills of the White Mountains. Accommodation is taking place in either the Indian traditional tents, called Tipis or in the old chestnut storage. As you can see from the pictures, both the Tipis and the chestnut storage offer a very atmospheric environment, of course if you want to feel closer to nature and your primitive instincts, you should chose Tipis as your lodging.
We offer four Tipis in total, which you can share with 2-4 participants.
The chestnut storage has a double and two single beds, thus it is to be shared with maximum 4 participants.

Retreat program

Saturday 21/7

Welcome circle and therapeutic yoga practice (1,5H)

A time to get to know each other and a gentle yoga practice to rest our body after our arrival.


Sunday 22/7

Morning Practice (1,5H)

Breath awareness – Yoga practice based on the Surya Namaskars


Sunset Practice (2H)

A Flow Yoga Class to activate our Pada Bandhas and create steadiness to our body


Monday 23/7

Morning Practice (1,5H)

Breath awareness – Yoga Practice based on the Surya Namaskars and hip openers.


Sunset Practice (2H)

A Flow Yoga class to activate our Hasta Bandhas and create a powerful connection with our hands.


Tuesday 24/7

Morning Practice (1,5H)

Breath Awareness – Yoga Practice leading to a perfect Tadasana.


Sunset Practice (2H)

Restorative Yoga Practice leading to a perfect grounding.


Wednesday 25/7

Morning Practice (2H)

Breath Awareness – Yoga Practice to prepare our body for departure.

YogaInCrete Root Yourself Yoga Retreat

It is a sentential period to discover our roots, our inner strength and harmony and Yoga is the most suitable road to lead us there. Yoga In Crete, can help you get there, and get in touch with the Cretan nature. Water, wild life, fertile soil, good healthy Mediterranean food, special breath awareness, meditation and yoga classes, can make you respect the earth that is offered to you.
Yoga can assist you to slow down and rejuvenate. Whether you practice restorative or dynamic Yoga poses, you will learn to focus your attention to your breath. The breath slows down the nervous system, allowing you to manage stress and emotions with more patience and clarity. Yoga breath exercises help to inhale and exhale in appropriate manner so as to regulate the metabolism in the body. Yoga synchronizes exercises with the rhythmic breathing in the body. Breathing puts life force into the body and cleanses it of toxic materials formed due to wrong diet, unhealthy lifestyle and accumulated stresses. It improves the flow of your inner energy (prana), creates body balance and longevity while rejuvenating the whole system.

Benefits of Yoga:

A light and supple body. A body that is alert and active. Strong bones and muscles. Reduction of fat. Increased physical strength. Improved appetite. Increased capability to cope with fatigue.


Having gained a great experience at the Hospitality sector and having worked in distinguished Hotels and Restaurants - a creative but really tentative field - Dimitris Gkioulos decides to find an alternative way out of this tension without rejecting his hitherto professional career. It all started by curiosity! He attends his first Yoga class in the city of Thessaloniki and gets really amazed by the intensity level of this kind of working out. At the same time, he attends classes and seminars by well-known instructors across Greece, gaining experience and knowledge. This make him understand that Yoga is not just an exercise but through an entire philosophy, it is a way of living. His constant desire for improvement, will lead him to find a more ``comprehensive training way``. He entered and successfully completed a 200hr Training at the educational Yin Yang Yoga school of Dimitris Karagiorgos at Lagonissi, Athens. A year later he entered and successfully completed one more 200hr Teacher Training at BFS Academy Greece with Ioanna Koliakoudaki and Panos Kontogiorgos in Athens. He started working in Yoga studios and gyms in Chania, having the desire to transmit his personal experiences to other people. His personal ``motto`` is that the inner development of each and every one of us, does not only result in improving our own Selves but also the whole of our society. Besides that yoga means pleasure! Now he encourages, more and more people to join, experience and benefit from the unique path of Yoga.


Oneirama Natural Retreat Camp is located 33km on the way to Sougia beach at the South part of Chania county, in Crete. It is built at the foothills of the White Mountains, into a chestnut forest and very close to a river.
Sougia is a small village located 75km west of Chania, at the exit of the beautiful Gorge of Agia Irini. A favorite destination for hippies in the 70s', today it is a perfect choice for peaceful holidays in a beautiful landscape with all the basic amenities provided. In Sougia you will find many restaurants, taverns, rooms, coffee shops, bars, a mini market, etc. However, you will not find gas station, hospital, pharmacy or bank.
In front of the village lies the lovely quiet long beach, which you will visit during this retreat. The beach has coarse sand, crystal clear deep water. It starts from the small harbor of Sougia (west) and stretches to the east for 1.5km. The beach ends in a small cove, hidden between rocks well protected from prying eyes. The eastern part of the long beach is not organized and is preferred almost exclusively by naturists. Instead, the beach in front of the village offers umbrellas, showers, sports and a lifeguard tower. Along the beach there are plenty of tamarisk trees where you can camp or find shade.

You need to bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothes suitable for the season
  • Waterproof / windbreaker jacket
  • Bathing suit
  • Shower & beach towels, shower and sanitary accessories
  • Sheets (optional, just in case you want to sleep on your own sheets)
  • Light sleeping bag in case you wish to sleep outside the tents under the starry sky
  • Headlight
  • Yoga mat
  • Sunscreen
  • Snorkeling accessories (optional)
  • Snacks, fruits, beverages of your liking


Our retreat offers an excursion to the famous Sougia beach where you can relax, swim, sunbathe, and snorkel if you like. The beach lies in front of a small village, thus you will be able to explore the area according to your preference.


This retreat offers you vegetarian meals created with local ingredients, some of them coming directly from the Camp’s biodegradable garden, as well as inspired by the local Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. Everyday your in-house chef will prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You will have the chance to taste the famous Kalitsounia, Dakos and Stamnakathi salad with juicy olives and golden olive oil, Marathopita, Sfakiani pitta, Cretan spaghetti and much more. You can also try the local soothing tea, made of a herb called “diktamo” – the Cretans like to call it “erontas”, meaning “love”!
Please make sure to bring with you any snacks, fruits, nuts, beverages etc of your liking as these are not included in our offer.

If you are travelling to Crete from abroad or another place in Greece, then you can reach Chania or Sougia village by combined transportations:

By plane

Millions of visitors come to Crete every year from all over the world. The three international airports on the island in Chania , Heraklion and Sitia are linked to hundreds of other international airports. The largest low cost companies have regular flights to Crete and the most important international airlines organize charter flights. Crete is therefore easily accessible to anyone who wishes to choose it as a destination for his/her holidays.


By Taxi or Airport Transfers

CreteCab Transfers has grown to become Crete’s favorite private airport transfer company. They offer great choice of services and destinations from VIP city transfers to low cost shuttle taxis operating all airports, ports and cities of Crete.


By bus

The company KTEL HERAKLION-LASITHI S.A. is the largest transport organization in Crete. Having 200 modern buses of all sizes, it conducts hundreds of routes daily, thus linking the major cities of the island with all the settlements, but also with the rest of Greece within a framework of combined transportations.


By water transfer

The three ports of Crete Chania, Heraklion and Rethymnon, have dozens of luxury ferry boats linking them with Greece’s largest port, Piraeus, on a daily basis. Other ship routes include the Cyclades from Heraklion; Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, Kithira and Milos from the ports of Sitia, Agios Nikolaos and Kissamos.


On the south coast maritime routes link Sougia daily with Chora Sfakion, Paleochora, Agia Roumeli and Loutro. Also there are routes to Gavdos.

Know before you go:

  • Please note that check in time to Oneirema Natural Retreat camp is at 14:00. In case you arrive earlier, you will be directed where you can leave your luggages and you can enjoy your day until everybody arrives and your first evening Yoga class and meeting with your instructor Panos Kontogiorgos takes place.
  • Check out time is 12:00.


The price per person including our country’s taxes (VAT 24%) is €590 per person

We will require as a deposit 50% of the full amount and complete payment upon the arrival.

Please also inform that the deposit will be refunded until 90 days before the commencement of the retreat.



For more information about the booking conditions, please send us an inquiry.