Yoga in Crete

Kirtan & Yoga Nidra ~ Satya



Place: Φspace (Chania)
Date: 4 March 2018
Time: 12:00
Kirtan & Yoga Nidra ~ Satya

The sound is the connection with our inner selves.

Nada Yoga, deals with sounds and is considered a powerful meditation technique.An integral part of it, are Mantras.
The word “mantra” originates from the Sanskrit man (trace) and tra (liberate). Mantras are specific words, complete phrases or even unspecified variants that are repeated.
It is, therefore, an organ of the mind, a powerful sound or a vibration that we can use to find ourselves in a deep state of meditation.
By choosing a word or a series of words to repeat in the form of a mantra, we affirm ourselves and allow its importance to diffuse into our subconscious, helping to change our negative habits and patterns to the positive.
Yoga Nidra as a technique of deep relaxation allows us to have access to the subconscious mind, and through Sankalpa as the seed of change, to be able to store in our mind, our decision-our desire.

Location: φSpace , Pantheon Mansion 40, Kriari St. Chania Crete

Yoga instructor: Dimitris Gkioulos

Type of Yoga: Kirtan, Nada & Nidra Yoga

Duration: 1hour & 30 minutes

Tips: Pre-booking is necessary

Yoga Equipment: Bring along your mattress & water

All levels: Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced

Payment methods: Credit Card | Paypal | Cash at the Instructor

How to pre-book your place

To reserve your place at this event, you can either buy your ticket by making an online booking, or you can send us your request including your name and your contact number at In this case you will need to pay the instructor in cash, right before the commencement of this Yoga Event.


Dimitris Gkioulos Yoga in Crete Instructor & Elisavet Veruli, musician and music educator


Φspace is a harmonic, multi-form space in Chania, Crete. All of us together, under one single roof, human wellbeing being our common vision, we work in a complementary and holistic way for desires and needs of modern man.