Yoga in Crete


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Group size: min. 2 – max. 6 persons
Duration: 90 minutes


The Nidra Yoga system that increasingly gains more followers is known for its sedative and antioxidant properties. This is a powerful technique through which one learns to consciously relax. It is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation for everyone.

The Nidra Yoga is a more effective and active way of mental and physical relaxation and renewal than traditional sleep. The general, systematic relaxation provided by a Nidra Yoga session is equivalent to many hours of traditional sleep without knowledge. After 40 minutes of practice, we shall proceed to the hammam site, hot and ready, to begin the traditional scrub with soap and the special glove.

All levels

  • Beginners
  • Intermediated
  • Advanced


The purpose is pleasure and not fatigue.

Traditional Hammam

Hammam causes the production of neuromuscular relaxation and increased blood flow. It has been shown that it is beneficial for people who suffer from sleep disorders, dry skin (visible or not), muscle stiffness, cramps and for people who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The Hammam is the most pleasant way to pamper ourselves, to detox our organism, give us a clean smooth skin and a body full of health free from muscle pain and fatigue symptoms.

The Hammam temperature during the Yoga practice is 25-30 degrees. After practice the temperature gradually rises to 40 degrees. A progressive recovery is taking place right after to return the body to its ambient temperature, accompanied by tea and traditional marshmallows.


The removal of dead cells from the skin, the stimulation of the body, peace of mind and freedom from stress are some of the benefits of the combination of Stretching yoga & Hammam.


The new students of Yoga are welcome.


The purpose is pleasure and not fatigue.

The Traditional Hammam is not recommended to those who:

Have high blood pressure

Are pregnant

Are in their menstruation

Suffer from asthma

Have rheumatisms

Have kidney diseases

Have coronary and heart failure problems

Have flu infections