Yoga in Crete

Every Wednesday

12,00 per person (all taxes included)

Every Wednesday :


Important note: Pre-booking is necessary. Bookings stop 3 hours prior to the commencement of the yoga class.


Location: Yoga in Crete Shala, Chania

Duration: 1 hour

Yoga instructor: Nektarios Xekoukoulotakis

Type of Class: Pilates Mat

Yoga Equipment: We provide you all the necessary equipment for your Yoga Class

All levels: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Payment methods: Credit Card | Paypal

Important note: You can reserve your seat until 3 hours prior to the commencement of the class. If there are no bookings the class won't take place without any further notice.


Pilates Mat consists of a great range of ground exercises which occur on a special little mat with or without the use of special equipment.
The key for doing Pilates mat exercises is to be focused on the breath.
As you inhale, you can feel your ribs be dilated and your lungs be full of air and as you exhale, your ribs will contract. This kind of breath stabilizes vertebral column and ensures the strengthening of your abdominal muscles, your rumps, your back and your waist.
Pilates Mat method addresses to everyone, to those who have a sedentary lifestyle, even to athletes, that’s why it is the ideal exercise. It may be also applied in a great efficiency and in special cases of people, who principally suffer by chronic musculoskeletal diseases (scoliosis, cyphosis, lumbago, disc diseases, and cervical syndrome) or injuries, by elderly people and even by pregnant women.