Yoga in Crete


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Group size: min. 2 – max. 6 persons
Duration: 90 minutes


Stretch exercises are probably the most important “treatment” for everyone, both for the body and for the mind of modern man. Not only do they promise us a flexible body, but also a calm mind, ready to expand in all directions. Yoga is an integrated system for the human body, based on muscle stretching.
Stretch exercises help improve performance, flexibility, movement synchronization, the circulatory system, relax the body, and avoid strain on muscles and joints. They improve performance by increasing the range of motion, making the exercises more effective. A more flexible muscle is stronger, because it can contract in a more efficient manner. The flexibility / agility are an essential part to avoid injuries, especially if exercises which include a large range of movements, or strongly stretch the muscles, are used.
The combination of Yoga distending poses with the traditional hammam will relax your entire body, will unblock your joints and, of course, will give you a correct posture. With the help of the wet heat of the steam bath, the body will “open” much more easily and simultaneously be cured by any muscular blockade.
After 40 minutes of practice, we shall proceed to the hammam site, hot and ready, to begin the traditional scrub with soap and the special glove.

All levels

  • Beginners
  • Intermediated
  • Advanced


The purpose is pleasure and not fatigue.

Traditional Hammam

Hammam causes the production of neuromuscular relaxation and increased blood flow. It has been shown that it is beneficial for people who suffer from sleep disorders, dry skin (visible or not), muscle stiffness, cramps and for people who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes. The Hammam is the most pleasant way to pamper ourselves, to detox our organism, give us a clean smooth skin and a body full of health free from muscle pain and fatigue symptoms.

The Hammam temperature during the Yoga practice is 25-30 degrees. After practice the temperature gradually rises to 40 degrees. A progressive recovery is taking place right after to return the body to its ambient temperature, accompanied by tea and traditional marshmallows.


The removal of dead cells from the skin, the stimulation of the body, peace of mind and freedom from stress are some of the benefits of the combination of Stretching yoga & Hammam.


The new students of Yoga are welcome.


The purpose is pleasure and not fatigue.

The Traditional Hammam is not recommended to those who:

Have high blood pressure

Are pregnant

Are in their menstruation

Suffer from asthma

Have rheumatisms

Have kidney diseases

Have coronary and heart failure problems

Have flu infections