Yoga in Crete

Every Tuesday

From: 12,00

Every Tuesday: 19:30-21:00


Important note: Pre-booking is necessary. Bookings stop 3 hours prior to the commencement of the yoga class.


Location: Yoga in Crete Shala, Chania

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Yoga instructor: Dimitris Gkioulos

Type of Yoga: Yin Yang Yoga

Yoga Equipment: We provide you all the necessary equipment for your Yoga Class

All levels: Intermediate| Advanced

Payment methods: Credit Card | Paypal

Important note: You can reserve your seat until 3 hours prior to the commencement of the class. If there are no bookings the class won't take place without any further notice.


Yang Yoga for strength, fitness and flow:


We can think of our bodies and our yoga practice in terms of Yin and Yang. Styles of yoga which are more Yang are those with rhythm and repetition like Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Anusara. With rounds of Sun Salutations and dynamic and strengthening poses or sequences working on the Yang tissues – the muscles, blood and skin. These styles of yoga are great for building strength and fitness as well as bringing a whole host of other benefits of yoga.


Yin Yoga for flexibility, mindfulness and softness:


Relative to this, Yin aspects of yoga focus on the deeper, denser tissues of the body – the joints, bones and connective tissues. We hold poses for longer periods, releasing into them with mindful awareness of the sensations and thoughts which arise. When we think of the Yin aspects of yoga of course we probably think first of Yin Yoga but Restorative Yoga and meditative slow flows are also Yin orientated. We explore these different Yin aspects in our Yin Yang Yoga Program.